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Test your love for the great outdoors by heading to South Carolina and setting sail off the coast of Myrtle Beach! Let Hurricane Fleet connect you to the extensive Atlantic Ocean and all that lies in the deep. Here, we provide customers with the experience of Myrtle Beach fishing, giving them the chance to sail the waters and capture that which so many have come to enjoy along the Grand Strand. For over 50 years, we have serviced the coast of North and South Carolina with our fishing boats, taking sports fishermen to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. While Myrtle Beach is known for its golf and entertainment, It has garnered much attention for the sport fishing that takes place on the edge of South Carolina's coastal gem.

Hurricane Fleet offers more than just a rod in the creek experience; we give it to you hook, line and sinker as we cater to those who want more from the coast and not just the ordinary fishing trip. Myrtle Beach fishing is done in the same manner as the rest of Myrtle Beach: fun, exciting and fulfilling. Ride out on the water with us and see how Hurricane Fleet is the go-to adventure when visiting the Grand Strand!

The way you approach the sea is as important as the equipment you carry. Myrtle Beach fishing is about style and finesse so charter one of our fishing boats to make your trip on the ocean more pronounced. We offer four distinctly different fishing boats that are perfect for short trips out to sea or even overnight cruises. Having a variety of options available makes Hurricane Fleet the best at turning an average fishing trip into an extraordinary experience. Bring your whole team along as each of our charter boats are suited for groups of varied sizes and needs. We accommodate every party ranging from intimate occasions with our 40-foot long "Party Time" boat to our company-named cruise liner, "Hurricane Fleet," which stretches over 90 feet and opens your to have a real party on the ocean. Take 100 people fishing or enjoy the aesthetics of the sky and ocean with 150 others on the cruise liner as you get a chance to see what the dynamics of what Myrtle Beach fishing entails. We take care of all the details, providing the angler with rod, reel, bait, tackle and fishing instructions if needed so that you can take in your surroundings and concentrate on having a great time! With our experienced staff on board and love for the Atlantic in our every day motions, Hurricane Fleet is the undeniable go-to for Myrtle Beach fishing as many people from around the country have recommended our expertise for five decades. Contact us toll free at 800-373-2004 and find out how you can hit the high tide with us at Hurricane Fleet!

Myrtle Beach Fishing

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