Hurricane Fleet
Myrtle Beach's premier deep sea fishing and cruising company

Hurricane II
Length: 90 feet
Width: 22 feet
Speed: 18 knots
Number of Passengers:
Fishing - 100 people
Cruising - 150 people
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Hurricane II
Ideal for deep sea fishing and cruising, the Hurricane II can comfortably fish up to 100 people. The heated and air conditioned cabin can accommodate formal dining for 40 guests or provide a buffet table for a Carolina Country BBQ for 150 guests.

The trips are varied: half day and full day fishing trips; cruising along the Grand Strand with on-board entertainment; cook-outs; and shrimping adventures. Because the Hurricane II is less expensive to operate, we can arrange charters for as small as 25 people in the spring and fall seasons.

A large selection of hors d'oeuvres, dinners, buffets, and full bar service is available. Prepare for an adventure on the Hurricane II.

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