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Charter Fishing Boats in Myrtle Beach - Deep Sea Fishing

More vast than the oceans we sail, Hurricane Fleet provides customers with numerous experiences to sail the waters extending beyond the Grand Strand. For over 50 years, we have serviced the coast of North and South Carolina with our fishing boats, taking sports fishermen to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. In the heart of South Carolina's coastal enclave, we cater to those who want a little more out from the beach scene and give them the chance to board our Myrtle Beach charter fishing boats. We offer four distinctly different fishing boats that are perfect for short trips out to sea or even overnight fishing cruises. With a variety of options available, Hurricane Fleet can make your fishing trip one that you'll look to experience again and again!

Size doesn't matter when it comes to your crew. Each Myrtle Beach charter fishing boat is uniquely suited for any group who seeks to set sail along the South Carolina coast. For small groups who want to enjoy a more intimate time on the water, head out with "Party Time," our 40ft long boat that has quick speed and can hold up to 6 passengers for a personal fishing experience. Thinking of adding a few more to the guest list? Perfect! We encourage more to travel the water whether it be for sports fishing or just to simply appreciate the aesthetic backdrop of the ocean. Our cruise liner, "Hurricane Fleet" stretches over 90feet and is perfect for either fishing with 100 people or relishing the seas with 150 others. Hosting fishing tournaments and much more, this fishing charter is spacious and open for a much larger group. Properly equipped paired with experienced staff, our Myrtle Beach charter fishing boats have been recommended by folks near and far for half a century. Come see why we're the leader in Myrtle Beach fishing and excursions along the Grand Strand!

Hurricane Fleet offers four distinctly different fishing boats. One of them is bound to perfectly suit the needs of your party.

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Hurricane II
Length: 90 feet
Width: 22 feet
Speed: 21 knots
Number of Passengers:
Fishing - 100 people
Cruising - 150 people

offshore deep sea fishing north carolina

Length: 77 feet
Width: 18.5 feet
Speed: 25 knots
Number of Passengers:
Inshore Fishing - 86 people
Offshore Fishing - 60 people
Overnight Fishing - 40 people

  sportfishing charters

Length: 45 feet
Width: 16 feet
Speed: 20 knots
Number of Passengers:
Inshore Fishing - 30 people
Offshore Fishing - 25 people
Sportfishing - 12 people

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Party Time
Length: 40 feet
Width: 15 feet
Speed: 26 knots
Number of Passengers:
Fishing - 6 people