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Little River SC Gulf Stream Fishing

The gulf stream is a warm, fast moving ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and flows into the Atlantic Ocean heading north up the coast. In this powerful deep and narrow current is where you'll experience some of the best sport fishing ever. If you're familiar with our Little River SC gulf stream fishing charters you know the size of the King Mackerels, Dolphins and Blue Marlins you will be reeling in and they are huge.

gulf stream fishing on Westwind

Length: 77 feet
Width: 18.5 feet
Speed: 25 knots
Number of Passengers:
Inshore Fishing - 86 people
Offshore Fishing - 60 people
Overnight Fishing - 40 people

  gulf stream fishing on Party Time

Party Time
Length: 40 feet
Width: 15 feet
Speed: 26 knots
Number of Passengers:
Fishing - 6 people

At Hurricane Fleet our boats are perfect for short trips out to sea, overnight fishing cruises and gulf stream fishing. The captains and crews on our vessels are knowledgeable fishermen with a lifetime of experience. They know how to read the bottom structures of the water and locate the fish.

As one of the most favored fishing spots among fishermen everywhere, when you get the chance to fish the gulf stream you should take it. This is where you'll discover the true meaning of sport fishing and when you go out with Hurricane Fleet you can count on having one of the best fishing experiences of your life!

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When you go out deep sea fishing in the gulf stream on one of our vessels you'll experience fishing quite possibly like you've never experienced before. We will provide you with rod, reel, bait, tackle and fishing advice, when required. Our fishing charters to the gulf stream are all day ventures where you'll have the opportunity to reel in some really big fish such as sailfish, marlins, wahoo, yellowfin and black tuna. If you've ever wanted to go after that trophy fish to have mounted for your wall, this is the trip to take.

Our boats all have modern electronics providing us with the most accurate navigation, fishing finding and safety. The bait and tackle we use are the best available for the huge fish we're after. But what really sets us apart from other fishing charter companies is that we change our line and tackle three to four times as often as the others and that makes a huge difference in whether you will get that trophy fish or not.

Come take a fishing charter into the gulf stream with us. It will be the best day of fishing in your life!